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Carol helped me sell my mother's house during a time that was very stressful because my mother was ill at the time.

Her knowledge as a realtor really put me at ease through this whole process ,so when we were ready to sell our home and purchase a new one I knew I would call Carol. Carol is a very knowledgeable, professional, patience and caring person. Carol again made the process of selling our home and purchasing a new one all at the same time run smoothly. She always went above and beyond in everything she did and now my husband and I are getting settled in our new home. Thank you Carol so much for everything you've done. George and I will highly recommend you to anyone who ask about a realtor.

Liz Fetkin

Carol has helped my family find the perfect home twice now in the past 14 years.

She has extensive knowledge regarding her profession, which helped us understand each step of the process and enabled us to buy and sell our homes easily and with confidence. Carol's professionalism is bar none; she is ethical, honest, fair, and was respectful of our needs as both buyers and sellers. Every recommendation or piece of advice Carol gave us was a great one. If you need a realtor in Southeastern CT, Carol Christiansen is the one you want.

Shannon Olexy

I would highly recommend working with Carol to find the perfect home for you.

Carol recently helped my wife and I do just that for our new family and we couldn't be happier. Everything about the process was made easier and more clear due to Carol's expertise and willingness to take the time to explain everything to us. She also was very adamant about making sure that we found the perfect house for us and not settling for less than that which made us feel even more comfortable with her since we knew she had only our best interests in mind. Throughout the process we also learned just how well known and respected in the real-estate community Carol is which let us know that we had made the right choice in a Realtor!

Robert Snelgrove

We were so fortunate to have Carol as our realtor and friend.

She's professional, knowledgeable about the market, knew how to prepare our home for the best showing effect, and was willing to go extra mile to get things done. We were selling our home from another state, so Carol lined up contractors to do the needed modification, checked on the house regularly, and dealt with unexpected delays or surprises with grace and humor. We ended up selling the house at a great price to a nice family. It was definitely a great experience working with her. I would highly recommend Carol to anyone buying/selling properties in the southeastern CT region.

Laura Qin

I highly recommend Carol!

She spent countless hours, days and YEARS working with me. I had a very limited budget to work with. She took me to every house I wanted to see and there were plenty. She answered all my questions regardless of the time of day. Carol made sure that every place I looked at would meet the needs of both me and my kids. After she found the house of my dreams she didn’t stop there. She is still helping me by answering questions. She is top notch! I couldn’t think of better more hard working realtor to help you realize your dreams. When anyone tells me they need to sell or buy a home I will tell them to call Carol! I will always be grateful for her!

Joanne Champlin

Carol was everything a realtor should be!

After being stuck in numerous short sale property's, my wife and I decided to part ways with the realtor we where working with. Tired and discouraged we took it upon ourselves to check out a listing in Gales Ferry. The listing agent was Carol, whom at that point we had never met. Carol showed us the house was never at any point pushy or demanding she was quick with an answer to any questions we had and thorough through out the whole process. She answered questions and concerns we had before we even had a chance to ask! Our closing went without a hitch and was very quick. Even after the sale Carol checked in on us to make sure we where happy and provided us with knowledge and happenings in the town we bought in. She will be highly recommended by both my wife and myself to anyone looking to purchase a house!!!! Thank you so much Carol you where our breath of fresh air!!!

Ian Davis

Carol was our listing agent and our house sold in less than two weeks.

That was amazing, but even better was how Carol helped use get past a horrific event. While sitting in our living room a repair man in our attic put a large hole in the living room ceiling two weeks before closing. Four pieces of dry wall hanging and insulation everywhere. Carol kept us as calm as possible, had another repair man over, patched the hole, passed the walk through and closed on schedule. A truly traumatic event that Carol took charge of and made it workout in the end. Thank you. Nancy & David

David and Nancy Cryer

Buying a home for the first time is intimidating.

The sheer number of items that can factored in to a pros and cons list while searching for a home can be staggering. Admittedly, I am the type of person who will take ages to decide on even the smaller purchases we make in life, so I needed the intelligent, informed, and honest help that I received from Carol to make me feel comfortable buying a home. Carol made me feel at ease in purchasing my home by showing me that when you see a property with her, she can point out the positive and negative features in an unbiased way that I truly value. I felt as if my desires in purchasing a home were respected and considered throughout our review of properties together. As we looked at homes, Carol came to an understanding of what was truly important to me as a home buyer and found a house that I'm delighted to call home. If I'd been on my own, or had dealt with an agent that did not have Carol's confidence in providing need-based recommendations on properties to review, I may have ended up with a property I'd be less satisfied with or no property at all!


We have no questions about choosing Carol as our realtor.

She's is professional, knowledgeable and as a bonus Carol is caring and friendly. For us, first time Connecticut residents and at the time living out of state, looking for a house seemed daunting and overwhelming. I was able to fly to Connecticut for a short period of time, and during three days Carol was non stop showing houses and even driving me around showing me the towns making them more familiar to me. We finally made our choice and Carol walk us through the process and we were happy homebuyers. When the time arrived to sell our home Carol's marketing skills and real estate knowhow, had it sold in 19 days. Selling our house was a more stressful and less enjoyable process than buying it in the current down market but Carol was wonderful actually Carol was like family. She understood our frustrations, questions and lack of knowledge. We would highly recommend Carol, no questions about it.

Ron and Isabel Sturtz

My husband had previously worked with Carol to sell an estate property, so when it came time to buy our first home we went back to Carol.

We found a house, put in an offer, and went under deposit within two weeks of beginning our search. She was great at explaining the process and leading us through it. She was easy to communicate with and never tried to push us into a sale. We'd recommend Carol to anyone looking to buy or sell a house.

Kristen Deveau

We don’t often give five out of five reviews for anything but this was a no brainer.

Carol established a firm business relationship from the beginning and was extremely transparent about everything. With helpful guidance and ensuring we were the ones making the decisions, her and the team she works with made this whole process smooth sailing into the home our family will grow up into.

Jeff & Amy Erhart

My wife and I are first time homebuyers, a task that would have been much more daunting without Carol’s experience.

The attention that she dedicated to us was above and beyond our expectations. She was able to answer any of our questions and provide insight to the home buying (and finding) process that proved to be invaluable during the exhausting time spent finding the right place. Once that was accomplished, Carol was quick with the paperwork. In fact, our offer was accepted the same night. She was very good about communications and kept us updated every step of the way. My wife and I could not be more pleased with our experience with Carol and will most definitely be using her services for any future endeavors.

Jason and Becca Webb

I cannot say enough about Carol.

Carol is passionate about her profession and relentless in her pursuit to make her clients happy. She has sold four properties for me in the last several years. Carol was always available to address any questions and explained things in an understandable manner. She is extremely knowledgable...a true professional. I highly recommend Carol, you will not be disappointed!

Mindy Ainsworth

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